Costs of Advice

We choose not to charge clients for the advice we provide, rather we choose to be paid commission for the insurance benefits we put in place for our clients, paid to us by the insurance companies we deal with. This will be typically be 200% of annual premium for life, trauma, income protection and total and permanent disablement benefits and 125% of medical benefits. A renewal fee of 10% of annual premium per annum is paid as an ongoing service fee for the duration that the policy remains in force. An additional 7% of annual premium is paid as a once only, up-front payment by the provider to meet the costs of compliance and ongoing education.

As a general indicator of the range of commissions which may be paid, Arthur Rowney Financial Services Ltd receives standard commission terms from all insurers, there are no preferential terms over and above any other adviser in the market. Each client will receive a full disclosure of the commission payable to Arthur Rowney Financial Services Ltd specific to them, before any policy is issued.

Product Providers We Deal With

Of the current suppliers of insurance products we deal with which include life, trauma, income and mortgage protection, total/permanent disablement and medical covers, I have business in place with AMP, NIB, Fidelity Life, AIA, Cigna and Partners Life. For the past few years I have been placing the majority of my business with Partners Life for the following reasons.

  • They are a company founded and based in New Zealand.
  • Throughout their existence since 2011, they have been able to provide all of the risk products I deal with, packaged under a single policy (in the majority of cases).
  • Their product ratings for the most part, top the ratings comparisons
  • They have continuously provided an abundance of back up support though their business development network.
  • I have never been disappointed with their performance at claim time.
  • Partners Life are the only provider I deal with, of which I can claim all of the above statements to be true.

You have the right to be provided with a ratings comparison which details the other suppliers of the products we are recommending to you. If it is important to you to be able to analyse these providers for yourself, we are happy to provide you with information that will enable you to do this. I can confirm I have no overt conflicts of interest in recommending this provider.

Conflicts of Interest

There are no material conflicts of interest to disclose as we do not participate in insurer-funded conferences or entertainment or functions as a rule, or any sales campaigns or similar incentives. We may accept the occasional glass of wine or cup of coffee from an insurance company representative of course however these are immaterial and engender no bias toward that particular insurer.


I, Arthur Rowney, declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information contained in this disclosure statement is true and complete.